Projects Proposed 1. Nextel Site-Philomont,north side of Snickersville Turnpike, about 300 yards northwest of Colchester Road. Special exception for construction of a 2,500-square-foot telecommunications facility on land zoned AR-1 (agricultural residential). 2. University Center, Parcel E,northwest corner of Loudoun County Parkway (Route 607) and Route 7. Construct a 302,735-square-foot commercial-retail development on land zoned PD-RDP (planned development-research & development).

3. Nextel Site-Morrisonville,east side of Berlin Turnpike about 100 yards east of Shoemaker Lane, northeast of Sierra Lane. Special exception to allow construction of a telecommunications facility on land zoned AR-1 (agricultural residential).

4. Loudoun County Day School, Evergreen Mills Road and Red Cedar Drive. Grading and addition at the lower and middle school to add athletic fields, gymnasium and playground on 69.34 acres zoned PD-RV (planned development-rural village).

5. Estates at Creighton Farms, Section 4,23010 Creighton Farms Dr., east side of Watson Road, north of Route 50. Subdivide about 244 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural residential) for 44 single-family detached lots.

6. Belmont Trace,west of Belmont Ridge Road and south of Creighton Road. Subdivide about 40 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing-four units per acre) for 82 townhouse lots, 49 single-family detached lots and two open parcels.

7. Townes at East Gate,25626 Gum Spring Rd., east of Poland Road and south of Route 50. Subdivide 59.01 acres zoned PDH-6 (planned development housing-six units per acre) for one non-residential parcel and one open parcel.

8. Verizon at Ryan,43540 Ryan Rd., adjacent to the Dulles Greenway. Special exception to allow an increase in the maximum square footage allowed by previously approved SPEX 1997-0001 from 750 square feet to 1,900 square feet on 10 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing-four units per acre).

9. Morley Corner, at and adjacent to 21687 Ashburn Village Blvd. Special exception to allow office above 10 percent in the PD-CC-CC zoning district (planned development-commercial center-community center) and to modify the required yard setbacks for front, side and rear yards from 25 feet and 10 feet to 5 feet on about 40 acres.

10. Dulles Parkway Center, Lots 9 and 10,between Centergate Drive and the Dulles Greenway, about 0.2 miles north of the Loudoun County Parkway. Office building with 100,000 square feet of gross floor area on about 20 acres zoned PD-OP (planned development-office park).

11. Dulles Town Center Rezoning,south of Route 7, east of Route 28 and north of Nokes Boulevard. Rezone 198 acres from PD-OP (planned development office park) and PD-IP (planned development-industrial park) to PD-TC (planed development-town center) to allow mixed-use development.

Projects Approved12. One Loudoun,southwest corner of Route 7 and Loudoun County Parkway. Approval to rezone 358 acres from PD-RDP, (planned development-research and development park) and PD-IP (planned development-industrial park) zoning districts to PD-TC (planned development-town center), PD-OP (planned development-office park), PD-H6 (planned development-housing) and PD-CC (planned development-commercial center) zoning districts to allow the development of a mixed-use community of office, commercial, retail, hotel, civic, open space, educational and residential uses. The applicant is requesting to develop up to 1,040 units consisting of multifamily, single-family attached and single-family detached units (including 83 affordable residences and 14 workforce housing units) at an overall residential density of about 2.9 residences per acre. The applicant is also requesting to develop up to 4,439,200 square feet of office, commercial and retail uses at an overall floor area ratio (FAR) of about 0.28.

13. Community Village 2 at Sterling,south side of Route 7 immediately east of intersection with Potomac View Road. Special exception to amend the special exception plat and conditions of approval of previously approved special exception to revise Phase 2 of the congregate care facilities from 90 assisted-living units and 50 independent-living units to 105 assisted-living facilities; reduce the Phase 2 total units from 140 to 105; and provide access to Potomac View Road on 14.93 acres zoned R-1 (residential).

14. Rezoning-Airbus North America Holdings Inc.,southeast corner of Filigree Court and Beaumeade Court. Approval to convert two PD-IP (planned development-industrial park) parcels in Beaumeade from the 1972 zoning ordinance to the revised 1993 zoning ordinance to allow expansion of its existing warehouse facility onto the adjacent parcel.

15. Pinebrook Office West Pharmacy,southwest corner of Route 50 and Pinebrook Road. Special exception to allow a pharmacy with a drive-through window on 7.2 acres zoned CLI (commercial light industrial).

16. Briar Patch Rural Retreat,north side of Route 50 about 500 feet west of Snickersville Turnpike. Special exception to amend the conditions of approval adopted with SPEX 2005-0053 for a small-scale rural retreat on 47 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural residential).

17. Ladrillo's Mexican Restaurant,25061 Elk Lick Rd. Special exception to allow a restaurant on just under an acre zoned CLI (commercial light industry).

Building Permits18. K. Hovnanian Homes,five single-family detached homes at Swan Pointe Court. 19. Red Cedar,90,051-square-foot school at 21046 Evergreen Mills Rd.

20. Stone Ridge North,128,121-square-foot building at 22970 Indian Creek Dr.

21. Stone Ridge Village Center,3,133-square-foot convenience store at 42040 Village Center Plaza.

22. Valley Industrial Park,8,862-square-foot building at 112 Bailey Lane.

23. Steeplechase Run,seven townhouses at Jay Street N.

24. Bambleton Land Bay 2,seven townhouses at Explorer Drive.

-- Compiled by SANDY MAUCK