Two men were shot yesterday in the 1700 block of Euclid Street NW in Adams Morgan. District police said residents heard gunshots about 3:10 p.m. When police arrived, they found two men bleeding on the steps of two buildings about 100 feet apart.

One man was shot in the shoulder. The other man was shot in the foot. Both men were taken to hospitals for treatment. Some residents said they saw the shooter escape on foot, while others said the shooter was in a car.

Residents said vehicle break-ins, vandalism and other minor crimes have increased in the block between Ontario Road and 17th Street in recent weeks. A police video camera had been mounted above a "Drug Free Zone" sign on a light pole at Euclid and 17th streets.

Residents were ordered by police to remain in their homes for about an hour while officers investigated yesterday's shooting.

Janna Newman, 23, who just moved to the District from Northern Virginia, said she was surprised by news of a shooting just a few feet from where she lives. "I walk from 18th Street all the time. I run to the gym every day. This is my route," she said.

Peter Gulliver, 28, has lived in the neighborhood for about five years.

He said it was normal to see crowds of men gathered on street corners for hours, day and night, but he was unaware of other violent incidents.