Put People Over Pets I was shocked to read in the Feb. 17 Metro section that Arlington County has spent $20,000 for pet rescue in case of emergency ["Emergency Shelter for Pets"]. I live on a street that was not plowed during the Valentine's Day winter storm and pushed neighbors' cars out of snow and ice for three days.

Where are the priorities? Never mind that the county has spent emergency preparedness money on pets, why can't the county plow and treat snow-covered streets?

Seeing that there is an election coming up and that there is an open County Board seat because of Paul Ferguson's decision to run for the clerk of the court, I hope people will vote with their shovels and sore backs.

Christopher Bannon


Make Seniors a Priority I feel I must respond to the Jan. 25 letter, "Arlington Pool Complex Would Drain Tax Money."

The person who wrote this surely is not a senior or has arthritis. There is no pool in Arlington with water warm enough for sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. The pools available to seniors are at the high schools, where the water is too cold. It is unfortunate the county has built two new senior centers with no provision for a pool.

I, too, want the county to examine how tax money is spent. Taxes go up every year. I am not sure seniors get a fair percentage of it, although a large percentage of the population is 55 and older. As far as money for schools is concerned, the school population is not increasing, but the senior population is.

Much discussion is devoted to low-income housing. There are literally hundreds of acres of two-story low-income housing in Arlington. Rather than spending thousands of dollars remodeling prewar structures, why not tear down some of the old and build more high-rise buildings?

In response to the author's plea for more money for schools and low-income housing, I say let the seniors have priority over some funds.

Anna L. Heatherly