Elementary SchoolsMONDAY Breakfast: Fruit muffin, pizza hot pocket, fruit yogurt and toast, breakfast square, cereal, milk, juice.

Lunch: Egg and pork sausage patty on biscuit, potato nuggets, cinnamon applesauce, fruit, milk.

Snack:Sweet trail mix, milk.


Breakfast: Egg-and-cheese English muffin, cinnamon roll, waffle sticks with syrup, oatmeal with cinnamon, cereal, milk, juice.

Lunch: Taco salad, Mexican rice, winter vegetables, juice, fruit, milk.

Snack:Graham crackers, fruit, water.


Breakfast: French toast sticks with syrup, fruit yogurt and toast, fruit muffin, breakfast sausage pizza, cereal, milk, juice.

Lunch: Pizza, corn, salad, fruit, milk.

Snack:Biscuit with jelly, milk.


Breakfast: Toasted bagel, egg-and-cheese wrap, cinnamon pancakes with syrup, cereal, milk, juice.

Lunch: Baked chicken nuggets, scalloped potatoes, seasoned carrots, fruit, milk.

Snack:Cheese, carrot sticks, water.


Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin soft pretzel, sausage patty and toast, oatmeal with cinnamon, cheese-filled pizza stick, cereal, milk, juice.

Lunch: Fish, mac and cheese, seasoned kale, smoothie, fruit, milk.

Snack: Crackers, mixed fruit, water.

Secondary SchoolsMONDAY

Breakfast: Pizza hot pocket, sausage biscuit, honey bun, breakfast squares, cereal, juice, milk.

Lunch: Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks, hot and cold sandwiches, french fries, seasoned peas, steamed veggies, fruit, milk.


Breakfast: English egg and cheese, sausage biscuit, fruit muffin, cinnamon pancakes with syrup, cereal, juice, milk.

Lunch: Chicken fajita, toasted cheese sandwich, steak and cheese on seeded roll, rice, corn, salad, juice, fruit, milk.


Breakfast: Waffle sticks with syrup, breakfast sausage pizza, cinnamon roll, cereal, juice, milk.

Lunch: Barbecue pork on seeded roll, baked chicken nuggets, manager's choice, macaroni and cheese, seasoned kale, fresh veggies and dip, fruit, milk.


Breakfast: French toast sticks with syrup, sausage biscuit, fruit yogurt and toast, cinnamon raisin soft pretzel, cereal, juice, milk.

Lunch: Spuds-a-roni, taco salad, half-smoke hot dog with toppings, Mexican rice, corn, salad, fruit, milk.


Breakfast: Egg-and-cheese wrap, sausage biscuit, cinnamon roll, cereal, juice, milk.

Lunch: Barbecue pork on seeded roll, hamburger or cheeseburger, pizza, potato nuggets, sweet peas and carrots, cinnamon applesauce, fruit, milk.

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