The following is a checklist of 95 major promises made by Jimmy Carter in his campaign for the presidency. The promises fulfilled are marked with a tick. Those he has failed to keep or reversed himself on are marked with an X. Those whose outcome is still uncertain are marked with a ?. Promises embodied in legislation submitted to Congress are marked with arrows: a arrow points upward - means a bill passed; a arrow points downward means a bill rejected; a arrow points sideward means a bill on which Congress has not yet acted.

X - Reduce the number of federal agencies from 1,900 to 200.

Tick - Reduce the size of the White House staff.

Tick - Hold news conferences every two weeks.

Arrow points downward - Support public financing of congressional campaigns.

Arrow points sideward - Support universal voter registration bills.

Arrow pointing sideward - Support sunset laws to end unneeded federal programs.

X - Allow Cabinet members to be questioned by full Congress.

Arrow points sideward - Support tighter lobbying regulations.

Tick - Require financial disclosure by all major administration officials.

Tick - Support human rights and deny aid to countries that ignore them.

X - Make appointments to diplomatic posts exclusively on merit.

Tick - Use economic and political pressure to seek majority rule in South Africa and Rhodesia.

? - Gradually withdraw toops from South Korea.

Arrow points sideward - Share responsibility for Panama Canal Zone with Panama without relinquishing control of canal.

Arrow points upward - Support full disclosure of bribes by U.S. companies overseas.

Tick - Oppose U.S.-Soviet imposition of a Middle East settlement.

X - Never require Israel to give up the Golan Heights or East Jerusalem.

X - Reduce present defense expenditures by $5-7 billion annually.

X Reduce foreign arms sales.

? Negotiate for new SALT agreement with lower ceilings on offensive weapons.

Tick - Seek moratorium on sale or purchase of nuclear enrichment or reprocessing plants.

Arrow points sideward - Scrap the B-1 bomber.

? Increase reserve defense readiness.

Arrow points sideward - Support passage of the Humphrey-Hawkins bill.

Arrow points upward - Expand supply of public-service jobs.

? Reduce inflation to 4 per cent by end of first term.

X Seeks standby wage-price controls.

Tick - Oppose across-the-board, permanent wage-price controls.

Tick - Keep economy growing at a steady 4-6 per cent a year.

Tick - Implement zero-based budgeting.

? Balance the federal budget by the end of the first term.

? Reform the federal income tax system to simplify returns, and make system more progressive.

Arrow points upward - Provide incentives to businesses to hire the unemployed.

? Favor a national health insurance program.

Tick - Reduce Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

? Increase federal share of public education costs.

? Create separate Cabinet-level Department of Education.

Arrow points sideward - Reform welfare system to standardize benefits, provide work incentives and reduce fraud.

Tick - Lift welfare burden from cities and reduce burden of states as possible.

X Strive to fulfill goal of 2.5 million housing units a year.

Arrow points upward - Increase subsidies for housing for low-and middle-income groups.

Arrow points upward - Support federal efforts against red-lining.

? Support federally funded day care programs for working mothers.

Arrow points downward - Oppose federal funds for abortion.

? Develop a coordinated urban policy.

Arrow points upward - Support countercyclical aid to recession-hit cities.

Arrow points upward - Emphasize rehabilitation of existing neighborhoods.

Arrow points upward - Make better health care available in rural areas.

Arrow points upward - Shift emphasis from hospitalization to preventive care.

? Institute use of a "family impact statement."

? Propose ban on "Saturday night sepcials" and registration of handguns.

Arrow points sideward - Support uniform sentencing with stiffer penalties for serious offenders.

? Stop waste of millions of dollars in LEAA programs.

Arrow points sideward - Support decriminalization for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Tick - Support federal court busing orders and oppose an anti-busing constitutional amendment.

Tick - Support Equal Rights Amendment.

X Select federal judges on the basis of nonpartisan judicial commissions' recommendations.

X Take the attorney general's job out of politics by having a 5-7-year term overlapping the president's.

Arrow points sideward - Create a consumer protection agency.

Tick - Pardon Vietnam War draft law violators.

Tick - Provide additional assistance to state and local courts, including assistance for court reform.

Arrow points sideward - Permit the judiciary to appoint a special prosecutor when needed.

? Enforce antitrust laws strictly.

Arrow points upward - Create Energy Department.

Arrow points upward - Enforce Clean Air Act standards without delay.

Arrow points upward - Oppose any lowering of standards of Water Pollution Act.

Arrow points upward - Support passage of rigid strip-mining law.

Tick - Halt construction of unnecessary dams.

X Establish stable consumer prices and a fair profit for farmers.

? Support farm prices equal to at least the cost of production.

Tick - Establish a two-month food reserve.

Arrow points sideward - Support comprehensive energy conservation measures.

Arrow points sideward - Prevent further increase in reliance on imported oil.

Arrow points sideward - Oppose deregulation of price of old oil.

X Keep price of domestic oil below that of OPEC oil.

X Support deregulation of new natural gas.

X Prohibit ownership of competing energy sources by a single company.

? Take steps to expand production of coal.

Arrow points sideward - Deemphasize development of liquid-metal fast breeder reactor.

X Have federal government negotiate on behalf of consumers with OPEC.

Arrow points sideward - Expand wilderness preservation and wild aand scenic river system.

Arrow points upward - Substantially increase funds for mass transit.

Arrow points upward - Give greater federal aid to railroads.

Arrow points sideward - Support deregulation of airlines to reduce fares.

Arrow points upward - Maintain and modernize U.S. highways.

Arrow points downward - Give preference to U.S. ships in hauling oil.

Arrow points upward - Preserve financial integrity of Social Security system.

Arrow points upward - Ease Social Security earnings test.

Arrow points sideward - Support Lifting mandatory retirement age.

Tick - Remove barriers against hiring and education of handicapped.

Arrow points upward - Support mine safety law and improved black lung benefits.

Arrow points downward - Repeal ban on common situs picketing.

Arrow points upward - Oppose reducing minimum wage for teenagers.

Arrow points upward - Favor extension and improvement of Vietnam War veterans' benefits.

? Strengthen the National Endowment for the Arts and generally support the arts.