IF YOU DON'T happen to speak Spanish, the headline above means "the Latin voices" - which refers to the media through which our local Spanish-speaking community keeps informed and entertained. Perhaps the most important such voice over the years has been WFAN - the city's only Spanish-language radio station. And as you may have read in this newspaper, WFAN has just gone off the air as the result of some program-switching by owner Richard Eaton after the Federal Communications Commission revoked one of his station licenses here.

According to Silverio Coy, one organizer of a coalition seeking an alternative, the loss of WFAN affects some 150,000 residents, "many of whom are illiterate? and, therefore, depend on radio for communication. Mr. Coy says his group hopes that the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington will be able to take over an educational FM station being given up by Georgetown University and use if for Spanish-language broadcasting.

We, too, regret the loss of a Spanish-language station. In the meantime, however, we're pleased to welcome the appearance of a new weekly Spanish-language newspaper for the community. presencia (Presence), edited by Bernardo A. Lloyd, a Panama-born resident of this area for many years, is now being distributed as a supplement to the Washington Informer newspaper, published by Calvin W. Rolark. In addition to local, national and international news, each issue contains useful guides to coming events here. While we wouldn't want to make a habit of plugging the Other Voices in this community, we don't mind telling you, in this instance, that Editor Lloyd is anxious for ideas as well as subscribers, and welcomes calls at 347-6900 or 347-5716. Other Latin voices are something else - something sorely needed by the Spanish-speaking citizens of this community.