Contrary to what most people are saying, I think that D.C. students are learning a great deal as a result of this teachers' strike. They are learning that it's okay to get whatever you can, whether you are competent or not, even if you have to break the law to get it. They are learning that being a good teacher, caring for kids or trying to improve our deteriorating educational system has nothing to do with getting more money. Also, that the press will give 100 times more space and time to a strike than it will to looking into how we can change our useless educational concepts.

The kids are learning that, as usual, they are not needed or heeded and, with us parents, are powerless consumers of a low-quality educational product. Most kids can evaluate each teacher in a split second; tell us which care about them and which don't, and yet they are never asked by those who pay teachers.

I feel quite certain that the school board will not enforce the fines on teachers and their union-they will let them off with some compromise that will respect neither the law nor the integrity of the teachers. Then the students will learn that you don't have to be accountable for your actions, which reinforces what they have already learned from many others around them.

I don't believe that the kids like what they learn; I think they are hungry for some good examples to learn from. They are not getting them from this teachers' strike.