The Fairfax County Fair Campaign Practices Commission has held that a Democratic candidate in the uncoming General Assembly elections misrepresented the voting record of one of his Republican opponents.

The commission accused Gary Eklund, one of five Democratic candidates for a House of Delegates seat in the assembly, of distorting incumbent Del. Martin Perper's (R-Fairfax) actions on a Metro financing measure that came before the 1978 legislature.

According to Perper's complaint to the commission, Eklund accused him in statements to a Fairfax newspaper of missing several House meetings and of voting against a bill that would have helped finance Metro operations by increasing the sales tax in the region.

Perper, one of five GOP candidates in the House race, missed House meetings and was not present to vote on the Metro bill because he was hospitalized for heart trouble during much of the 1978 sesseion, the commission said.

Eklund "misrepresented Mr. Perper's absence on the Metro bill vote and distorted the fact that Mr. Perper never issued a press release concerning his absence," the commission said. The agency noted that Perper had issued three statements about his illness.

The commission met over the weekend to vote on Perper's complaint, and its findings were made public yesterday.