IT'S MONDAY, so the phone won't stop ringing. After the third call I finally manage to take off my coat and sunglasses and find the coffee pot. Must update the master schedule today, otherwise the staff won't know what shows are coming in and how long they're running. Ari won't be in today to help me, so I will have to start drawing up some of the Concert Hall contracts myself. It won't be easy when there are so many interruptions and the contacts need such a lot of concentration. Have a recurring nightmare about double-booking the Concert Hall; it certainly keeps you on your toes. Phone calls are still coming in: Two people call about renting audition space; Diane calls to double-check her special events schedule against mine; Doug calls to tell me he has a mime we might like for the Christmas Festival; Marge calls to say she never received her contract. It must be lost in the mail.

Have appointments today at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., but the 2 p.m. doesn't arrive until 3 p.m., and the 3 p.m. arrives promptly. Wayne takes care of the 2 p.m.; they need to talk to him anyway about ordering the tickets for their production, so he kindly tells me he will discuss the contract with them while I take care of the 3 p.m. Richard and I meet with the 3 p.m. to see if he has a show for us for the Christmas Festival. He does and agrees to bring a video cassette in on Tuesday. In the meantime the 2 p.m. people leave their deposit and contract for the Concert Hall, but they are having a problem with the insurance so I can't process the contract until it's resolved.

At 5 I decide I am too exhausted to attend the recital I was invited to tonight in the Terrace Theater and have to find someone to go in my place. Arrive home around 7:30 and find the dog has fleas and I lost a goldfish today. The dog demands water, a walk, and food and attention (though not always in that order). The bird manages to ignore me much as he has for the last 18 months.

By 9 I'm propped in bed watching PBS and making two lists: things I must do tomorrow for the office, and things I must do for me. Things are so hectic that I am beginning to make lists of my lists. A bad sign. TUESDAY

New York calls first thing in the morning to complain they haven't received their contract for their play due into the Eisenhower Theater; they know the contract is on its way, but they complain bitterly about the mail delivery in New York and ask me to get a xerox to them as fast as possible. I do.

Frantically call the Vienna Opera people about their trip to New York. The information I have at the moment seems wrong and I can't order their transportation for them until I know what their plans are. They agree to meet in my office tomorrow. Am getting very nervous, as time is getting short.

Lunch is spent at the Watergate, grocery shopping. Manage to grab a hot dog to take back to my desk. Ari is in today and things are not quite as frantic. I get her started on the remaining Concert Hall contracts.

Tonight is the opening of "The Marriage of Figaro" and I just make it home in time to freshen up, change clothes and get back to the Center for the 8 o'clock curtain.

"Figaro" is terrific and it puts everyone in a festive mood. Dinner is very nice and I have a wonderful time talking to my dinner partner about the light board he uses in Vienna and the one he is using here in the Opera House. Jokingly I ask him if he can get me a job doing lights for the Vienna Opera. He says there would be one problem: All their stagehands would want to work only with me, and not with him. Oh, that Viennese charm. It works every time.

Home by 2:15 and have to unwind for a half hour before I can get to sleep. No use making a list. Both of yesterday's are still on my desk, but they are beginning to shorten. WEDNESDAY

First meeting of the day is with the Vienna Opera people to go over their New York plans. Meeting lasts for an hour and a half, so I have to delay my luncheon meeting by half an hour.

Have a working lunch with Bob to go over the Symphony dates. We check their rehearsals and performances of this season and next, but run out of time and will have to continue on Friday.

At 3:30 Michael arrives with the video cassette we requested for the Christmas Festival. Richard can't make the meeting, so Wayne and I go downstairs to view the tape.

The day progreses very smoothly, but I am still tired from the night before. Manage to leave the office by 7:30 and rush home. Everything still fine on the home front: one haughty bird, three fish still living, and a dog that wants food, water, attention and a walk (though not always in that order).

It's lovely at home: phone off the hook, a hot bubble bath and a scotch and water. I spend the evening in blissful solitude reacquainting myself with the apartment and the things in it. And then I curl up and make -- you guessed it -- a list. THURSDAY

The day's first appointment is with my plastic surgeon (the result of an auto accident, not age or vanity, friends). He tells me everything is fine and I am in great shape. I tell him I'll see him in five years for my first facelift. He looks like he believes me. Rats.

It's a day made in heaven and I know I would rather be on a tennis court, but I tool on into the Center, grab a bit of lunch from the performers' canteen under the Opera House, and get to work on the transportation for the Vienna Opera in New York. Carnegie Hall is very helpful, but it takes forever to make all the arrangements over the phone.

Pret calls to invite me and the dog to Fishin' Bay on the Chesapeake for the weekend. I have to decline, but accept for my dog. Am beginning to think something is very wrong with my life when I have to turn down a weekend holiday but my dog gets to go.

Manage once again to get out of the office by 7:30. Find time to tidy up the apartment and to made a cheesecake. Things are definitely looking up. FRIDAY

It doesn't look like the day is going to go too well. At 9:30, I learn my hairdresser is ill and I will have to forget it or go to someone else. I opt for another hairdresser.

Bob and I are supposed to have our 10:15 meeting but his car fails him, so he fails me. We have to cancel it since he's off to New York in the afternoon. Just as well, because Doug's mime is due in. Carole, Wayne and Richard and I watch her audition and we are delighted. She is not available for the Christmas Festival, but Carole will probably use her for her children's shows.

Get my hair done at lunchtime, so naturally it rains. Too bad I couldn't have had the car washed also. Yesterday it was beautiful and today, when I am expecting a friend to arrive from New York for the weekend of sightseeing, it's pouring.

Numerous phone calls today from local high schools wanting information about renting the Concert Hall for graduations. Ari and I will have a lot of contracts to do. The master schedule has been printed and collated and now I have to distribute it to the staff. Already there are a number of changes on it which I will have to get to on Monday. I call Frank this afternoon to discuss Sacha's fee for his Christmas Festival performance; fortunately we agree. There are still a number of unresolved items on my lists. They are lying on my desk lke stigmata.

Am at the train station at 7 to pick up my friend from New York. Amtrack is the only thing that actually is running right today, and the train is on the dot. Inform my friend that we are going to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. What a way to start your weekend in a strange city: a surprise birthday party with a group of total strangers for a girl you've never heard of. But the party is a success. SATURDAY

If I thought the week was bad, the weekend was starting off worse. Sat up until 4 a.m. talking with my friend. At 8:30 Pret called to say she was not going out of town at all, and I should go back to sleep. Disaster. The bird is singing in the other room (in a most arrogant manner, I might add) and the dog has discovered I am awake. Why do I get the feeling I am losing my grip?

I drive my friend around town for a very quick bit of sightseeing and then we try to plan the evening. We decide on a movie and pick "Breaking Away." After a 20-minute wait in line and the announcement that the film is now sold out, we decide to go for a hamburger. After an hour's wait for a table in the local hamburger restaurant, I know something is wrong with my life. Thought for the evening: Do Washingtonians only eat hamburgers on Saturday night? SUNDAY

What a lovely day. Take my friend sightseeing. We play some tennis. I cook a nice meal. We go see "Don Giovanni" at the Eisenhower Theater. We have a quiet drink afterward. Nice. Pleasant. Civilized.

On Sundays you can reflect on the week gone by and the week to come. And you know the office will be as hectic as ever, but you can always cope by making new lists. Hopefully, the fish will still be alive and, regrettably, the bird still arrogant.