President Franklin D. Roosevelt may have been suffering from cancer when he died of a stroke in 1945, and may in fact have known of the malignancy when he ran for his fourth term the year before, a Dartmouth Medical School surgeon believes. Dr. Harry S. Goldsmitht bases his belief on photographs of Roosevelt in the early 1940s that show a dark mark over his left eye, a mark that disappars in pictures taken somewhat later. Goldsmith suggests this "pigmented lesion," which was probably removed, might have been a melanoma, a very malignant form of skin cancer. "What I'm saying s there's an excellent chance that the reason the president's health failed during the last 18 months of his life was a malignancy," Goldsmith saiad. "A good case can be made that a melanoma might have been the primary tumor and that it metastasized [spread] to the abdomen and led to this weight loss, loss of appetite and other symptons suggestive of a tumor." Roosevelt's persosnal physician, the late Viice Adm. Ross T. McIntire, insisted at the time that the president's health was basically good, but after FDR's death mis medical charts and records disappeared, and no autopsy was done on him.