In his interview, Andrei Sakharov called attention to 28 Soviet citizens among the dozens of "prisoners of conscience" jailed or under investigation by the KGB secret police for human rights activities.

"They have been courageous participants in the struggle for human rights for many years," Sakharov declared. "They enjoy everybody's respect and affection. Their imprisonment is particularly important for the authorities because each of them unites in his activity all aspects of the struggle for human rights in the U.S.S.R." This is Sakharov's list of the 28 persons and their activities and dates of jailing or sentencing:

1. Tatyana Velikanova, human rights campaigner, Nov. 11, 1979.

2. Viktor Nekipelov, Helsinki Group member, Dec. 7, 1979.

3. Malva Landa, Helsinki Group member, under investigation for alleged anti-Soviet slander.

4. Sergei Kovalyov, founding member, Moscow branch, Amnesty International, Dec. 27, 1974.

5. Yuri Orlov, Helsinki Group founder, Feb. 10, 1977.

6. Valery Abramkin, contributor to the political journal Searches, Dec. 4, 1979.

7. Yuri Grimm, Searches contributor, Jan. 23, 1980.

8. Viktor Sokirko, Searches contributor, Jan. 23, 1980.

9. Vyacheslav Bakhmin, psychiatric abuses investigator, Feb. 12, 1980.

10. Antanas Terleckas, Lithuanian nationalist, human rights activist, Oct. 30, 1979.

11. Julius Sasnaukas, Lithuanian human rights activist, Dec. 11, 1979.

12. The Rev. Gleb Yakunin, dissident Orthodox priest, Nov. 1, 1979.

13. The Rev. Dmitri Dudko, dissident Orthodox priest, Jan. 15, 1980.

14. Lev Regelson, religious rights campaigner, Dec. 24, 1979.

15. Nikolai Goretoi, Pentecostalist presbyter, Dec. 13, 1979.

16. Mykola Horbal, Ukrainian activitist, Oct. 23, 1979.

17. Yuri Litvin, Ukrainian activist, Aug. 6, 1979.

18. Yuri Badzo, Ukrainian activist, April 23, 1979.

19. Oles Berdnyk, Ukrainian activist, March 6, 1979.

20. Reshat Dzhemilev, Crimean Tartar activist, April 4, 1979.

21. Rollan Kadiyev, Crimean Tartar activist, January 1980.

22. Anatoli Scharansky, Moscow dissident and Jewish rights activist, March 15, 1977.

23. Oleksa Tikhy, ukrainian activist, Feb. 2, 1977.

24. Levko Lukyanenko, human rights activist, Dec. 12, 1977.

25. Viktor Pyatkus, Lithuanian nationalist activist, Aug. 21, 1977.

26. Alexander Bolonkin, editor of Chronicle of Human Events, Sept. 21, 1972.

27. Igor Ogurtsov, founder, Russian Social-Christian Alliance, sentenced 1967.

Sakharov also called attention to Vladimir Shelkov, head of the Soviet unofficial Adventist Church, "who was sentenced a year ago for his message to the Belgrade Conference about religious persecutions in the Soviet Union. The very fact of sentencing an 83-year-old man was a scandalous act of inhumanity. Vladimir Shelkov died in a camp in Yakutia at the age of 84."