Q: Mr. Politic, on top of all his other problems now President Carter has lost the primaries in New York and Connecticut. Any truth to the reports that he is feeling very sorry for himself?

A: Yes. Around the White House he is known as the Incredible Sulk.

Q: Republicans who met with Jerry Ford on his recent trip to Washington are saying he has spent too much time on the golf course. Is there any merit to the complaints the former president is not as familiar with the issues as he should be?

A: Let me put it this way. Mr. Ford thinks Bani-Sadr is a Jewish holiday.

Q: John Anderson has received votes from segments of the population which normally do not embrace Republican candidates. Do you think his support among these voters will grow?

A: Yes. In fact, Renee Richards has organized a group called Crossovers for Anderson.

Q: Is it true CBS is filming a TV mini-series about Ronald and Nancy Reagan? And what is the title of the show?

A: Yes, the network is doing a series based on the Reagans which will be called "Hollywood Squares."

Q: Since foreign policy has become such an issue this year, what do you really think of Zbigniew Brzezinski?

A: That depends. If I were playing Scrabble, I'd turn in my letters.

Q: Sen. Kennedy says certain areas of the defense budget should be pared and other areas boosted. I would be curious to know where a liberal like Kennedy would make these cuts and additions.

A: Take the Army's proposed new tanks. In the true liberal tradition, Sen. Kennedy will not vote for the tanks. Once the tanks are approved, however, he will insist they be equipped with airbags.

Q: Mr. Politic, in light of Cuba, Iran and Afghanistan, how would you characterize President Carter's foreign policy?

A: Walk softly and let others hit you with a big stick.