More women are moonlighting -- holding more than one job -- than ever before, according to a survey reported in the Monthly Labor Review. A decade ago, about 3.3 million men and 658,000 women held two or more jobs. Today, the number of men is still 3.3 million but the number of moonlighting women has jumped to 1.4 million. Now, three in every 10 moonlighters are women. Among both sexes, moonlighting is more common among whites than among blacks. People who are in state and local government, education, entertainment and recreation and agriculture are most likely to moonlight. Three-quarters of the men hold a major full-time job and then a part-time job on the side. But about half the women held two part-time jobs and no full-time job. Why do they do it? About 30 percent of those surveyed said they need the money just to pay their everyday living expenses. A surprising 18 percent claimed they do it because they enjoy it. Smaller groups said they took on extra work to pay off debts, to build up a nest-egg for the future or to "buy something special." During the week of the survey, conducted by the Labor Department in May 1979, moonlighters averaged 52 hours work a week, 13 of them on the secondary job.