Tired of wheezing and sniffling through the summer allergy seasons? Thinking of moving to Tucson to get relief? Think again. "Tucson now has as much pollen during the year as many cities in the East and Midwest, cities many allergy sufferers have fled to escape allergy problems," say Dr. Jacob Pinnas, head of the allergy clinic at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. He says the Arizona city now has an annual pollen count of 7,000 grains per square inch, compared to 4,000 for such places as Brooklyn, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. The reason: vegetation brought from other places to make the desert look green. "The amount of pollen has increased tremendously from when we first started doing pollen counts," says Harry Hayes, in charge of the count at the Tucson Clinic, a medical center. "And it's due to the fact that people moving here from different parts of the country find it expedient to make their yards look like back home." Adds Pinnas: "Some people come here for a trial of a few weeks. They are not allergic to our pollen, but they become sensitized . . . Many people never had allergies before moving here." He figures that 90 percent of the city's adult population moved from somewhere else, and about half came for medical reasons, primarily respiratory disorders.