Former Maryland governor Marvin Mandel, who began a three-year prison sentence just six weeks ago, is scheduled to appear before a parole review board today at Eglin (Fla.) federal prison camp.

Mandel and two of his codefendants who are serving their time at Eglin following their conviction of political corruption charges petitioned for a hearing before the three-member examiners' panel, the first step toward their possible release from prison.

Prison camp superintendent Larry Kerr said Mandel, Irvin Kovens and Harry W. Rodgers III are among 60 inmates who will be given routine hearings at the prison this week.

Under terms of the sentences imposed by U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Taylor last fall, the Maryland political figures, including codefendant W. Dale Hess, who is serving his time at Maxwell (Ala.) federal prison camp, all were eligible for parole immediately. Two other codefendants were given lighter or suspended sentences.

Today's hearings, which are closed to the public, are an initial step that do not guarantee that a parole date will be set, according to Debbie Barron of the Federal Parole Commission's Atlanta office. The three-member panel will have 21 working days to announce its recommendation.