Who am I? Child of war, Vietnam hero, Or American's whore? Sucker'd, This seething, Silent soul, "Savage beast, A fool!" Wasn't I Once proud, Once bold? But wait. Am I not Like you, From you, You? So I killed Those out To kill me. Whose cause Was just? Victor or victim, All return To dust. Four died By my hand, Viet cong, Hardcore. No women, No children, My spoils Of war. Remember The fight? "Contact! Contact! Slashing Talon Seven Four!" Remember The blast Of the cruel Claymore, Vile smell Of death, M-16's roar? Remember Young martyrs, Grim trophies Of war, Innocence lost, Baptized In gore, When madness Reign'd, Cried out, "More war!" I do! I do! They pin A star Upon my chest, A subtle nod, No more, no less. Alone I stand. I AM THE BEST. But wait. Remember The rockets, The jungle, The rain? Remember Evil, masked In pain? Remember Night sounds Eyes strain'd To see? Remember Death stalking The darkness, A reaper To reap me? I do! I do! So speak softly To me, And do not

Stare. Save your judgement, Your sorrow, Your pity, Your prayer. For I am A cold, stone man Of Vietnam. Beware! Beware!