How do today's parents think their children will turn out? Well, however much the parents might like a return to the old values, they don't seem to harbor much hope for that. A Gallup poll taken for Parents magazine found that slightly more than half of the parents surveyed would not be surprised if their children live "in sin" with someone before marriage. And while 98 percent expected their offspring to marry and have children, 46 percent would not be surprised if they got divorced. Only 7 percent of the respondents -- 95 percent of whom were mothers -- believed their daughters would be homemakers exclusively. Three percent believed their daughters would be career women exclusively. Most thought their daughters would work because they wanted to -- though 27 percent expected they would take jobs to help support a family. Most parents still believe in the American dream that their offspring would be more affluent and better educated than they. Sixty-seven percent said their children would have a chance to achieve a better quality life than their own -- primarily because of "greater personal satisfaction" and "greater protection for the rights of individuals." Twenty-five percent said they expect their children will have the same quality of life as theirs, and 8 percent think it will be worse. The two primary concerns for their children's future were "inflation" and "more pollution."