Beautiful women have no problems getting dates, are never home Friday and Saturday nights, have platoons of men friends and generally lead rewarding social lives. Right? Wrong -- according to a University of Rochester psychology professor who studied the relationship between physical attractiveness and social relationships. In fact, the professor found, it is the good-looking men who really profit from their appearance. "Physical attractiveness does not relate to the quantity of social interaction that a female has," said Harry Reis. "That's contrary to the mythology we hear. [Beauties] do not have more dates; they do not have more male friends; they do not spend more time with males. Unattractive women, or women considered to be plain-looking, do as much dating as attractive women." "With males, on the other hand, there is a strong relationship between attractiveness and social interaction with everybody, especially females.The more attractive a male is, the more he goes out and the more times he goes out with females," Reis said. The professor, who based his conclusions on a survey of students at Rochester, says that "unfortunately, I don't know" why his findings are so contrary to conventional wisdom. "I guess the first reason is that myths are not always correct." One important reason may be that men are intimidated by beautiful women and fearful of rejection. "Men see a beautiful woman and say, 'I'd never ask her out. She must have hundreds of dates.' A good-looking man, however, is less afraid of being rejected and has the confidence that he won't be."