The Commerce Department has ordered fishermen who catch sea turtles to give them artificial resuscitation by pumping them on the chest or by holding up their hindquarters for several hours. When water has been drained from their lungs, they are to be thrown back into the sea. The department said the requirement is aimed at halting the rising death rate of sea turtles caught in shrimp nets. Last summer, it said, about 1,850 turtle carcasses were washed up on southeastern beaches of the United States. It has spelled out two methods of dring water from their lungs. The fisherman can place the turtle on its back and then pump the breastplate with his hands or feet. Or, he can raise the turtle's hindquarters for a few hours to let the water drain. Scientists will collect data after 240 days to see which method is better. When the turtle looks revived, the Commerce Department says, the fisherman must put his engine in neutral so propellor blabed don't cut the turtle to pieces when it hits the water, clear away the shrimp trawls so the turtle doesn't get caught again and throw the turtle back in the water.