. . .And now there's a new one: If you smoke marijuana, you may be harboring an unlovely fungus. A patient, a marijuana user for years, demonstrated this to Dr. Stephen Kagen of Milwaukee County General Hospital. "He was quite ill, Kagen says. "He had the fungus growing in his nose, his lungs, his skin and his kidneys. He felt no pain, but he coughed and he felt fatigued." The guilty fungus, it turned out, was aspergillus. Kagen knew of two case reports in the medical literature, studies of marijuana users with grave aspergillus infections. Intrigued, he tested 21 Milwaukee men and women, many of them professionals, who had been using marijuana for six months to 14 years. Eleven of them showed clear evidence of aspergillus infection, and "five or six reported asthmatic attacks after their smoking." Probing further, Kagen tested 12 samples of marijuana sold in Chicago, Rockford, Madison and Milwaukee. Eleven contained the same mold. The doctor, a faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin, says nationwide tests are needed to determine the extent of the problem, but "I believe we can assume that most marijuana is contaminated" and "a large number of marijuana users" are infected. One of the grimmest results, he said, may be seen in the affected person who happens to develop a cancer and needs chemotherapy. Chemotherapy weakens the body's immunological defenses, and the lurking fungus may then explode into an overwhelming infection.