TO: Department of Defense SUBJECT: Military Electronic Tactical Reconnaissance Omnibus (METRO)

A CRITICAL NEED exists to provide an all-weather, highly mobile, nuclear-hardened, automated system which will permit a quick reactive defensive and offensive military capability in urban conflicts. As envisioned, this system must be able to operate at times covertly (underground), allow access to friendly military command posts, e.g. the Pentagon, enable the transport of equipment and personnnel to and from the urban area (from at least 15 miles distant), deploy MX missiles, provide executive and legislative personnel with safe passage from potential conflicts.

The strategy to be used in addressing this need is to exploit the technology now being demonstrated in the highly successful Washington Metro system. This will be accomplished by expanding the current limited capability of 69 miles to 101 miles. Alternative routes will be developed to circumvent potential hostile activities, safeguard missile sites and privide access to sanctuaries such as Springfield, Burke and Fort Belvoir. The addition of highly mobile, lightweight vehicle systems will permit the uses of a Rapid Deployment Force which will act as a "force multiplier" in any potential conflict.

The current Washington system is in production. However, by the innovative application of technology insertion, a Product Improvement Program (PIP) could be implemented. This PIP program would demonstrate a full-up capability which would meet all "user" needs and be applicable to all future military mission areas.

The funding required for this is indicated below (in millions): (TABLE) FY82(COLUMN)FY83(COLUMN)FY84(COLUMN)FY85 $550(COLUMN)$375(COLUMN)$375(COLUMN)$375$(END TABLE)