Nearly 100 percent of Philadelphia's singles want to get married, and relationships there are more lasting than ones in New York or Washington, a dating service survey finds. The study, conducted by the New York-based dating service known as Godmothers, also noted Philadelphia residents were more flexible, more realistic and more patient in a relationship than New Yorkers. In a poll of 300 men and women living in Philadelphia, Godmothers director Abby Hirsch said nearly 100 percent of the men and 75 percent of the women wanted to get married. The survey also showed 75 percent of Philadelphia men did not consider beauty the most important trait in a woman. Fewer than 20 percent, it said, thought a woman's career status were vital to the relationship. "There seems to be more self-acceptance among Philadelphians," Hirsch said. "In New York, and to a lesser extent in Washington, there's pressure to be the best and brightest in every way." Hirsch said the "nesting instinct" was stronger in Philadelphia than in New York or Washington, noting, "if you want a lasting relationship, move to Philadelphia." "Although the desire for significant relationships is strong in all three cities," she said, "Philadelphians are less likely to make snap judgments about prospective dates than are New Yorkers, who often decide in the first 10 minutes whether the relationship will last." Susan Cascade, national coordinator for the dating service, said sample and personal interviews showed that there was more pressure in New York to form an exclusive bond while Philadelphians "are willing to be companions or friends." "I would say that Philadelphians are more flexible, have more realistic expectations for one another and are more willing to give the relationship a chance to grow," she said.