WHILE AN UNDERGRADUATE at a local community college, I was pressured by an instructor (head of the department in which I was majoring) to continue discussions and work during coffee and lunch appointments. On the first such occasion, I rejected his attempt to kiss me, but relations remained pleasant. On subsequent occasions, during which he helped me with the research for a paper, he behaved with propriety. Finally, after repeated requests, I agreed to meet with him for a drink at a nearby restaurant. At the last moment, he phoned to say his car had broken down; could I stop by and pick him up. When I turned up he invited me in to hear a tape on the subject we had been discussing. After 45 minutes and a drink, I went to the door to leave. He grabbed my and we wrestled for quite a time until I submitted to intercurse with him. I received an "A" from him every quarter for the remainder of the year, even though I had virtually stopped attending his class.

A few months after I left this institution, I received a call from a girl I scarcely knew. She said that she had seem me with this instructor, and noticed by later absence from the class. She went on to say that he had attacked her and that she feared she was preganant. She wanted to know if I had had similar problems with him, and asked for advice. She was 19. We discussed the matter but decided not to report him is she wasn't pregnant. Fortunatley she was not pregnant, and we dropped the matter. . . I am sorry that I did not have the courage and sence of self I needed when [this incident and one other recounted in her response] occurred.

This anonymous testimony appears in "Sexual Harassment," an August 1980 report by the National Advisory Council on Women's Education Programs.