JUST WHEN we thought it was safe to take a vacation from Congress-watching, a special adjournment edition of the Congressional Record showed up in our mail. It reminded us that even when Congress is off politicking, the business of governing goes on--in a fashion.

While in adjournment, the Senate, it seems, has received a rather long message from the House. It begins with a report that the House, with respect to two measures encouraging, respectively, export trade and the preservation of fish and wildlife, has "agreed to the report of the committee of conference of the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendments of the House." No doubt that is a great relief to everyone concerned.

There follows a good deal of agreeing and disagreeing on matters large and small -- an act for the relief of Ok-Boon Kang, an appropriation to continue the activities of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. Not a moment too soon, we find, the House has joined the Senate in designating October as "National Spinal Cord Injury Month." The House, however, got the jump on November by designating it not only "National Diabetes Month" but "National Christmas Seal Month" as well.

The speaker has been busy during the month, signing enrolled bills such as HR 4717: "An act to reduce the amount of LIFO recapture in the case of certain plans of liquidation adopted during 1982, to make adjustments in the net operating loss carryback and carryforward rules for the Federal National Mortgage Association, and for other purposes." What other purposes?

Even the Senate floor has had ghostly visitations. Sen. Larry Pressler rises to commend to the public an article he has written on nuclear testing. Sen. Roger Jepsen celebrates the commissioning of a nuclear-powered submarine. And Sen. Edward Zorinsky reports that Moe Moravec, an inflation-weary Nebraska restaurateur, has implemented an "incomes policy" of his own. For 13 months, Mr. Moravec has frozen food and drink prices at Moe's Steak House. Mr. Moravec reports that the restaurant "showed a considerable volume growth and an equally pleasant profit picture."

We just thought you'd like to know.