Respect is no longer in question, we trust, because the Washington Redskins have earned that with two touchdowns to spare. As those who never-- well, hardly ever--watch football will attest, this team is young, gutsy and exciting--and seems determined and destined to capture football's highest honors.

As we said yesterday, and will surely reaffirm before this glorious season comes to a close, the Redskins have been more than just the delightful local surprise of the year; they are the Great Common Denominator--or is it Dominator?

The storybook analogies are legion, of course, from the underdoggery to the classic contest and the total team effort. There was even great drama in the entrance of the young relief quarterback for Dallas after his leader had been wounded--a valiant effort, but not enough to thwart our heroes.

Small wonder, then, that we of more than little faith now believe that the 'Skins will know what to do in Pasadena no matter which team emerges today as their opponent.

It may be too much to read into Providence, but right after yesterday's game, someone young and down the street dashed inside to announce that it was hailing. As if on cue, her playmate added, "It's hailing for the Redskins." It should.