BY NOW, SURELY every Super-ventilating Redskins fan must be thoroughly blitz-briefed down to the last silly detail on Life Before the Game as Seen From Two Coasts. It's hard to believe that way back in the old days of unstruck seasons, the fans had to fight two weeks of this pre-game nonsense rather than one. At this point, what more can anybody possibly need in the way of factory-rebuilt clich,es, one-on-one interviews with anything that moves, or four-color flight plans for the Goodyear blimp?

Even on this day of reckoning, there are still hours of TV hoopla-hype to go before the teams actually take to the trenches. After all, we're still without a report on the menu for the Dolphins' last supper, not to mention another inside look at

Mark Moseley's shoe. Can you stand it?

Of course. It's a mad, mad world, true, but everyone here in the capital city realizes that this is just a game, just another Sunday, a tiny blip on the telescreen of life; just look across this field of print to the op-ed page, where you will note the calm, collected essay of a detached United States senator, putting this whole matter into level-headed perspective. All he asks is that we vote aye, sing "Hail" and carry the motion from Capitol Hill to the Miami goal line.

Without objection, so ordered.