Chapter I. Search for Roots Birth

On April 28, 1965, IC (deleted) caused a search to be made of the records of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Manhattan, New York, and no birth record was located for DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN.

On April 29, 1965, IC (deleted) caused a search to be made of the records of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Brooklyn, New York, and no record was found for DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN.

On May 7, 1965, IC (deleted) caused a search to be made of the records of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Queens, New York, and on May 7, 1965, IC (deleted) caused a search to be made of the records of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for the Bronx, New York, and no birth record was located for DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN.

On May 12, 1965, SA (deleted) caused a search to be made of the records of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for Richmond (Staten Island), New York, and no record was located for DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN.

Well, I had no trouble getting a copy of my birth certificate. Maybe someone at the Bureau of Vital Statistics just doesn't like the FBI. Chapter II. First Jobs Employments

Michael Gross Advertising Agency

386 4th Avenue

New York, New York

On May 25, 1965, Mr. MICHAEL GROSS, owner, Michael Gross Advertising Agency, 250 Park Avenue South, advised he had no records in his possession concerning former employes employed by him in the early 1940's. Mr. GROSS said over the past 25 years he has probably hired and fired approximately 100 mail clerks and office boys. He said it would be almost impossible to recall any one individual who worked for him in the early 1940's and the name DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN meant nothing to him.

Miller and Litchter,

Converters of Silks and Acetates

155 West 29th Street

New York, New York

A search of the 1965 Telephone Directories for the City of New York failed to reflect any listing for the above captioned company.

Mr. Gross may not remember me, but I remember him. I was making $15 a week (the minimum wage at the time). After six months I told him I'd have to leave if I didn't get a raise. His reply: "When are you leaving?" Chapter III. Newspaper Days JENNINGS, LOUISIANA Employment

INVESTIGATOR'S NOTE: Investigation at the Jennings Daily News disclosed that they had no employment records prior to 1957. No persons presently working on the paper had any personal knowledge of the Subject.


I knew and worked with David Perlman at the Jennings Daily News for a short time, at least 15 years ago. I cannot remember the year that he worked on the paper or exactly how long he was there. At that time, (deleted) he was a Reporter.

He seemed to be a very nice person, rather on the quiet side and I know nothing that would cause me to question his personal conduct or behavior in any way. He was never in any trouble to my knowledge. He was single at that time, but I cannot recall where he lived. I do remember that he liked to cover fires and everytime the fire whistle blew, he jumped on the fire truck.

Jennings Police Chief, J. C. GAUTHIER Jefferson Davis Parish Deputy Sheriff (Deleted.) Police Chief GAUTHIER stated he has been a volunteer fireman for many years and over the years numerous persons have served as volunteers. He advised he does not recall the applicant, but does recall that several young men who have been employed on the Jennings newspaper were volunteer firemen and they all followed orders well and did a good job for the Fire Department.

I could say that I didn't have a car and hopping the fire engine was the quickest way to cover a story. But I can't deny that I did like to ride the fire truck. The probable source for the information moved on to Opelousas, as I recall. I do hope the government didn't spend too much of the taxpayers' money to get that information. Chapter IV. Family Life SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND Neighborhood (Deleted.)

I have known Mr. David Perlman and his wife, Laura, as neighbors for seven years. The Perlmans (deleted) their two young children. Mr. Perlman is a writer for a labor union and Mrs. Perlman is not employed at least not steadily. (Deleted.)

The Perlmans appear to be fine upstanding moral people. Their personal behavior is above reproach. I must admit, however, that I have always felt that if anyone I knew ever turned out to be a Communist or a Communist sympathizer it would surprise me least to find Mr. Perlman that person. I have grave self doubts about making this type of statement. I know of no activities that Mr. Perlman engages in that could be considered subversive. He is, on the other hand, a vociferous and even belligerent exponent of labor unions and seems to follow the "down trodden masses" line of thinking. Mr. Perlman's whole approach to this thing is intellectual. He strikes me as a person who has never had to do any manual labor in his life and consequently I find his union mentality somewhat phony.

I have never heard Mr. Perlman make any statements which I would consider questionable outside of the union-labor field. If your inquiries were directed toward anything but the granting of a security clearance I would not even have mentioned it. Under the circumstances, however, I felt that I should express my opinions, unfounded though they may be.


Mr. Perlman is very active in one of the major political parties. He and his wife are both very "arty" in their tastes.

Sure hope Lane Kirkland reads this. I'd be awfully embarrassed if the FBI found that someone on the AFL-CIO staff wasn't a "vociferous" advocate of unions.

I told Laura to hide the books before inviting the neighbors over. Anyway, we're not all that arty. Chapter V. J. Edgar Hoover Is Curious To: SAC, New York (151-846) From: Director, FBI (151-1699) DAVID LAWRENCE PERLMAN


Buded past

Beurep dated 6/9/65

Information attributed to (deleted) tends to indicate said individual would not recommend applicant for top level security position because applicant is type of person who is against racial discrimination and would be in favor of the present U.S. foreign policy in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. By return airtel clarify.

Hey, I was pretty curious also. Chapter VI. The Return Airtel N.Y.151-846

(Deleted.) New York T-9 said that he would not say that PERLMAN was a CP sympathizer in the true sense of the word. Source said he considered PERLMAN a "liberal" and by this he meant that PERLMAN is a broad-minded type of person and that in this day and age he would be the kind who was against racial discrimination and would be in favor of the United States present foreign policy in Viet Nam and the Dominican Republic.

This source further stated PERLMAN is the type who would be for "freedom of speech", "freedom of the press", but would tend to be a little excessive in the use of these "freedoms." He felt PERLMAN would no doubt be a "sympathizer with MARTIN LUTHER KING on integration" as he believes, "all are created equal'."

This source said he believed PERLMAN to be a "man of principle," "not a communist" "honest" and "loyal." but yet there was a "degree of skeptism (sic)" in his mind because of PERLMAN's liberalism. Source said he believed PERLMAN would fight for his country in case of war and would recommend him for a position with the United States Government but would not recommend him for a top level security position, "such as entrusting him with the battle plans of the United States," as in his broad minded, liberal way he might discuss them with an unauthorized person or persons.


So that's why I got passed over for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!!