Sen. Jake Garn (R-Utah) was the Senate's leading recipient of honoraria in the last reports filed. During the period covered, 1981, he accepted $48,000 in outside fees.

Garn is chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, and, as the listing shows, most of his fees were paid by groups with interests in banking, housing and urban affairs. (This list originally was published by Congressional Quarterly):.

General Aviation Manufacturers Association ($2,000).

United States League of Savings and Loan Associations ($2,000).

Golembe Associates Executive Seminar ($1,000).

Oregon Bankers Association ($2,000).

American International Group Inc., Public Policy Forum ($2,000).

Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association ($2,000).

Ernest Wittenberg Associates Inc., Senate Leadership Seminar ($2,000).

National Retail Merchants Association ($2,000).

Associated Credit Bureau Board of Directors ($2,000).

The Fay Improvement Co. ($1,000).

National Association of Home Builders ($2,000, round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Las Vegas, Nev., food and lodging for self and spouse).

American Bankers Association, 1981 Economic Advisory Committee ($2,000).

Securities Industries Association ($2,000).

National Savings and Loan League, 1981 Governmental Affairs Conference ($1,000).

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research ($500).

Fingerhut Corp. ($2,000).

Miller and Schroeder Municipals Inc., ($2,000), round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Minneapolis and food).

Larkin, Hoffman, Daly, Lindgren Ltd. ($2,000).

National Automobile Dealers Association ($2,000).

The Robert Morris Associates, Chesapeake Chapter ($1,000).

Transamerica Corp. ($500).

Carpet and Rug Institute ($1,000).

Bank Administration Institute ($1,000).

National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association ($2,000, round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Colorado Springs, Colo.., food and lodging).

Conference of State Bank Supervisors ($2,000).

The Robert Morris Associates National Convention ($2,000, round-trip travel Washington, D.C./New Orleans, food and lodging).

The Washington Forum ($2,000).

American Gas Association, Bankers Advisory Council ($1,000).

Corporative Accounting and Financing Reporting Institute ($1,000).

Citibank ($1,000).

Associated Credit Bureaus (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Houston, food and lodging).

Shelby County, Tenn., Republican Party (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Memphis, Tenn., and food).

Richard T. Pratt and Associates, Mid- Winter Housing Conference (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Salt Lake City).

Time Inc., Housing Industry Presidents Conference (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Nassau, Bahamas, food and lodging for self and spouse).

San Diego Building Contractors and Council of Realtors (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./San Diego, food and lodging for self and spouse).

National Confectioners Association (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Salt Lake City).

San Diego Chamber of Commerce/San Diego Contractors and Builders (round- trip travel Salt Lake City/San Diego).

Foundation for Defense Analysis (round-trip travel Washington, D.C./Houston and food).