I wouldn't call the people stingy. They're just not giving to the community as a community. They don't give here, but they're probably giving back home. . . . Washington hasn't developed that sense of an all-American city community. That's unique.

-- Glenn Ihrig

Executive director,

Public Welfare Foundation

Many people feel they've been doing their share, and they're surprised to find out that, compared with other cities, they aren't.

It's sad to say that the two largest foundations here -- the Community Foundation and the Cafritz Foundation -- gave away $6 million last year. The San Francisco Foundation alone distributed $35 million in 1984.

It's the lack of wealth here that results in limited foundation resources. The problem is, there aren't enough wealthy people.

-- Lawrence Stinchcomb

President, Community Foundation

There are two distinctly different communities here. There's a downtown community and an uptown community, and the differences between the two fosters a schism. You can live in Washington and never, never come in contact with the neighborhoods; there's no visible presence for people who are attuned to charity and a philanthropic approach.

-- Betti S. Whaley

President, Washington Urban League

I do not find churches suffering because of a lack of giving. . . . Feeding programs, programs for the homeless, the unemployed, scholarships are developing on a local basis. . . . Only the focus has shifted from institutions and foundations to the grass-roots churches in Northeast and Southeast and Anacostia and places like that.

-- Rev. Ernest Gibson

Executive director,

Greater Washington Council of Churches

We find responsiveness to appeals we make for hunger, community projects, local arts programs.

We don't have a great many multi-millionaires. Income is high here in Montgomery County, but there aren't a lot of huge fortunes. We don't have the Founding Fathers, the Sloanes or the Fords or whatever. And there is some transience.

I have not found the sense of stinginess one might surmise. The Jewish community is active here and very supportive of charities.

-- Charles Gilchrist

Montgomery County Executive

People are so hounded by the variety of charities that the way out is to say, "I'm not going to give." I think there's a responsibility on both sides, on businesses and nonprofit organizations. They've got to get their act together, and we've got to get our act together. . . . This report shocked me.

-- Robert Linowes

Attorney and chairman,

Greater Washington Research Center