Washington could support a team. The demographics have changed; it's a growing area, a big area.

Transportation facilities are better than they were, with the Metro going to (RFK) stadium.

And its got the big thing -- TV money. . . . Denver, Florida and Washington are the front-runners for a new franchise, and Washington far surpasses both Denver and Florida in the TV market. Plus, we've got a stadium available. Denver has, too, but Florida doesn't.

The one negative: the proximity to the Baltimore Orioles. But if a National League franchise were to come, that wouldn't matter so much.

You see, baseball has never been marketed properly in Washington. . . . Baseball has done a good job marketing itself nationally but not locally until recently. Now we're in a different era. . . . The new owners -- whoever they are -- would market it right.

So, would a team survive? Very definitely. -- Jim Hannan, Former pitcher for the Washington Senators

Emphatically, categorically, unequivocally, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind (Washington is ready for baseball).

The change will be the ownership. . . . I'd like it to be me. -- Jack Kent Cooke, Owner of the Washington Redskins

There is "fan support." Washington has responded with its pioneering "Baseball Bank Campaign." The figures highlight almost 6,000 season tickets (a number that is rapidly growing) with $3 million in the bank. No other city in the running comes close. Money talks. Baseball owners listen. -- Patrick J. Malone, President of the "New" Washington Senators' Fan Club

Washington can support a team. It's ready for one. -- Bowie Kuhn, Former baseball commissioner

Not only can we support a team, we will. People have really come together. Washington supported a team for 75 years -- and that was a losing team.

We have a goal of selling 10,000 tickets by the end of July, and we're almost there. People are putting their money where their mouth is. All the enthusiasm is overwhelming. It's unlike even when the Redskins won the Super Bowl." -- Chuck Hinton, Former outfielder for the Washington Senators