Because of an editing error, a chart in Sunday's Outlook section was incorrectly labeled. It showed the number of reported cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the greater Washington area, not the number of deaths from AIDS.

AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome -- has surpassed accidents, homicides, even suicide, to become the leading cause of death among males ages 25 to 44 in New York City, according to the city health department. Some 226 new cases were reported there in June, more in one month than ever before. One hundred twenty AIDS patients died.

Last week it was also reported that film star Rock Hudson had contracted the incurable, deadly disease.

In the greater Washington area, the number of AIDS deaths continues to climb. Although it is only the sixth leading cause of death in the D.C. area among males ages 25 to 44, more men in this group died of AIDS than committed suicide or succumbed to pneumonia or influenza.

This chart shows the number of reported cases of AIDS in the greater Washington area since 1982, based on information provided by the Preventive Health Services Administration. This includes cases in the District; Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland; the cities of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax City and Falls Church, and Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford Counties in Virginia.

To date 104 persons have died from AIDS in the District, 42 in suburban Maryland and 26 in Northern Virginia.

Since June 30, eight additional cases have been reported.