*A new stadium would make a big difference to me. I'm an American League fan, a Baltimore Orioles fan, and if there were a stadium built between the two cities, I'd go. Greenbelt would be fine with me, that's where I'm from.

Anyone who commutes to the games would readily admit that parking and accessibility at Memorial Stadium are a problem. People sit in the parking lot half an hour trying to get out. After 10 years, I've found quicker ways, but still . . .

-- Bill Brown works for the Prince George's County schools.

*More people around here would use a stadium if it were more convenient to reach. That's the major problem with Memorial Stadium. Parking is a pain. You don't get home until 12:30 on a weeknight, and that's too late. People are always complaining about that.

My feeling has always been that the public gets ripped off paying for all these new stadiums. For most people, if you lived, say, in Hagerstown, you may never use the thing. . . .

But I would enjoy a new stadium, yes. The other place is hard to reach. It's not a great facility.

-- Mark O'Hara is a sportswriter for the Montgomery Journal.

*Would a new stadium make a difference? It would depend on where it is built. The worst part is getting to the other side of the city (Washington). The last 50 miles aren't bad; it's the first 10 that bother me.

-- Bill Hutchison lives in Arlington

*The whole issue has been caught up in the political dialogue for governor. I'd be more comfortable discussing it in a politically clean environment. . . .

So many allegations and counterstatements have been made that it is difficult to decide what is fact and what is fiction. All the material I've read on the stadium site . . . is so very clouded and muddy by idle allegations that you can't make a clear judgment.

As a baseball fan, I'm not prepared to say whether it should be in the Baltimore-Washington corridor or in the city (Baltimore). My question, assuming Washington gets a team, is: Can you have two financially stable ball clubs in such close proximity? No one's answered that question for me. We're talking about an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars -- building and maintenance. I would move very slowly.

-- Sidney Kramer is a state senator from Montgomery County.