There is something peculiar about us when it strikes us personally. We begin to have more of an understanding.

People want to sue. There is something about it, like the lottery or the numbers. They all look for that day when they can get that big dollar.

That came out in the first town meeting that I had right after the no- fault insurance was passed. I have continued to get letters from my constituents. . . . I have literally taken a beating from people who objected to my advocacy role for no-fault insurance. Of course, I was not happy with it; and I tried to defend it. . . .

I had my second accident I have ever had after 30 or more years. I mean, driving almost with a perfect record. The man who ran through the red light insisted that the light was not red but only yellow when he took off. He was going at a speed of more than 40 miles an hour through a yellow light.

The claim adjuster from GEICO (kept insisting) -- . . . even though the man insisted time and time again that he ran a yellow light -- that running a yellow light in the District of Columbia was not a violation. It is a violation.

I want to add some teeth into the law. . . . I have a real concern, using my own experience of the insurance company telling me that, since we have no-fault, it really does not make a difference.

I want the man not only to pay $800. I want him locked up. I think people ought to be held accountable when they do something wrong. . . .