The peace for which the Nation strove for so many long years has now been shattered. It is Japan that has shattered it. The Land of the Rising Sun long ago decided to stake out a claim to all Asia and the Pacific. Many Americans refused to believe it. We as a Nation left the Japanese alone -- nay, fed their military machine -- while they proceeded to carve out a vast empire. In Tokyo's eyes that empire seems to be within sight. Only America stands in the way. With the United States eliminated, the dream of the Japanese militarists would be realized, and the American people would be isolated.

With a blinding flash the true inwardness of the world crisis now stands revealed for the American people. This was never an "intra-European war." It was intended from the beginning as a world war. And America was marked out as the final object of attack. . . . It would be fantastic folly to think of the Japanese engaging on their cosmic adventure alone. On that assumption -- thank Heaven! -- all our defense plans have been prepared.

To whom is the credit due for this policy? To nobody but our President. . . . He saw the war coming long before it came in 1939. He foresaw the time when Japan would carry out the obligations of the Axis compact. As a result this Nation is ready as never before to meet the mighty shock of the Japanese act.

. . . (O)ur America, our hour having struck, will go on the march, and there will be no rest till victory has been secured. This is our rendezvous with destiny. The peace that we have always sought was never a fightless impotence, but a union of strong souls. And that we must seek and ensure after victory.