Nicholas Christopher Claus

Reason for Referral:

The client was referred for psychological study by concerned officials. According to current observations Nicholas is overweight, laughs all the time, and often gives away all that he has. He never seems depressed but will only work about one day a year.

Pre-Evaluation Impression:

Post-juvenile obesity syndrome aggravated by inappropriate affect with unstable reality-based episodes and avoidance behavior.

Background Information:

It was learned in an interview that Nicholas was married and living with his wife. In regard to the family constellation, Nicholas noted he had no biological children but was the foster parent of numerous charges and cared for an untold number of youngsters.

The presence of alcohol was suspected in view of the jovial nature displayed by the client as well as the red glowing nose of his pet reindeer. Nicholas, however, finally agreed to submit to psychological testing.

Test behavior and Observation:

Nicholas appeared for psychological assessment at the pre-assigned time attired in an unusual red and white costume with furry attachments.

An endomorphic body composition was observed with weight estimated to be at approximately the 95th percentile in regard to his height and physical stature.

A long flowing beard hid portions of his face, while a large black belt with a circular silver buckle was in stark contrast to his scarlet leisure suit.

High black boots, thick black gloves, a long whip, and a rugged backpack were conspicuously displayed (perhaps suggesting unconscious sadomasochistic involvement). Additional characteristics included a long soft red head-cover with white rabbit fur and feminine-looking rouged cheeks (revealing possible sexual identity confusion).

Nicholas initially expressed mild anxiety after learning that the testing room was devoid of a fireplace or chimney but quickly regained confidence when he was seated near a large window, where he could view the new-fallen snow.

The client attempted all test items presented and frequently winked, smiled, and seemed to be overjoyed at the prospect of spreading his cheerful manner.

Tests Administered:

They included the Incomplete Projective Sentence Completion, the Rorschach Psychodiagnostic Technique, the Early Recollection Survey and the Kinetic Family Drawing.

Discussion of Resultant Data:

Difficulty within the verbal realm was encountered as the examiner was only able to elicit an occasional "Ho, Ho, Ho" during formal questioning. Nicholas did not appear to take the evaluation seriously and was often laughing and touching the side of his nose while trying to give the examiner small presents from his pockets.

Difficulty in written language expression was noted as the client insisted on completing his spelling dictation with gloves on while alternating red and green magic markers for letters. Math computation was compiled with a Mr. Wizard calculator, which miraculously appeared from underneath his large flowing beard. Organization of the designs appeared primitive and immature. A smiley face with red rosy cheeks was drawn inside the circle of the first card. The fourth card was turned so that it appeared to be a Christmas tree (900 rotation) and a large star accompanied by four small squares (called presents) were near the tree.

This may indicate an unrealistic fantasy association, unusual fr a client of his age.

Responses from the Incomplete Sentence items revealed difficulty with reality-based situations. The following responses were recorded: People should . . . "be kind and love one another all year"; I am afraid of . . . "nothing because I believe that good is in all mankind." These responses, paired with Nicholas' three wishes, made the examiner quite apprehensive about the subject's ability to cope with and adapt to the real world. (The client's first wish was for peace on earth, the second wish was for good will toward men, and the third wish centered around Christmas being celebrated all year long.)

The experience ratio and acting-out ratio suggest Nicholas has internalized a high degree of tolerance for acceptance and love. The initial response time was very rapid (three seconds), indicating an impulsive behavior component.

Based upon the preliminary findings, an intensive analysis of deep personality structure was deemed necessary and additional projective instrumentation was administered.

The Kinetic Family Drawing revealed preoccupation with domination and authority. Nicholas depicted himself as surrounded by miniature humans who were engaged in various activities purported to enhance his preconceived image of the sole provider of happiness and joy. The Rorschach materials revealed a significant amount of extensor movement, such as flying through the air, jumping down chimneys, and building doll houses. Psychotic-type contamination and incongruent verbalizations were documented with regard to singing and talking to subhuman objects (reindeer) and partaking in magic sleigh rides throughout the world (delusions of grandeur).

Color shock was recorded for several cards, suggesting internalized emotional resistance to the red determinants without the appropriate green accompaniment on a snow-white background. Content perseveration towards toys and playful items suggested a disturbed object relationship with infantile regression patterns. A detailed analysis of Rorschach content revealed multiple items reflecting the Christmas season. Oral dependency, based on food responses (sugar plums, cookies and spiked eggnog), was also documented.

The early-recollection projective technique was attempted with nonsignificant results. The client stated he has always been engaged in the identical task of present, "Providing good will on earth."

Summary and Recommendations:

Results indicate an overwhelming preoccupation with happiness, kindness, and generosity accompanied by a denial of the harsh realities of the everyday world. Difficulty coping on an extended basis in the real world would be projected.

The following comments are offered:

*The assignment of one dozen miniature elves should be made to Nicholas in order to provide him with the care, guidance, and material goods with which he is accustomed.

*Continued employment on a one-day- ayear basis is supported as it is felt the burden to perform 365 days per year would be too taxing, physically and emotionally.

*Direct interaction with humans should be limited until fantasy wishes for peace on earth and good will toward all men can be further explored.

*Psychoanalysis should be initiated immediately to systematically examine the client's heavy emphasis toward the pleasure principal.

*Dietary consultation may also be helpful in view of Nicholas' need for long-term weight reduction.

*A complete physical examination is also supported as constant nose scratching and eye winking may be related to unknown organic factors.