I'm sick and tired of the federal government's constantly picking up the tab for the District of Columbia, and the Metro is no exception. I realize that the federal government has an obligation to Washington, since it is the capital city. It seems, however, that the District government relies on the federal government for everything, especially for money, and more money.

Let the Washington area build the Metro system on its own now. The American taxpayer has already given his fair share on this deal. In my opinion, money for the Green Line construction should not be approved, and I applaud President Reagan and his administration for the stand they have taken on this issue.

-- Danny R. Smith

This is a plea for myself and for fellow Metrorail riders to the Reagan administration and to Metro officials to appropriate funds for the immediate completion of the Green line. You must not overlook the welfare of the rest of the folks along the way.

For instance, one must mention the obvious fact that the University of Maryland would be along the Green Line, just as the Blue Line runs by George Washington University and the Red Line stops at Howard University.

Why delay the Green Line now? You built it for some, you might as well continue on for others. That way we all can be winners.