*The simplistic idea of constructing a new prison is not the answer to the criminal justice problems that we have.

-- Wilhelmina Rolark, D.C. Council member (D-Ward 8), August 1985

*Our prisons have been a failure.

-- Rev. Eugene A. Marino, Regional bishop for the archdiocese of Washington and a member of the D.C. prison commission, August 1985 TIf we put our heads in the sand, that prison is still going to be built.

-- Joslyn Williams, President of the AFL-CIO's Metropolitan Washington Council and a member of the prison commission, September 1985

*That we will have a new facility is a given. . . .

-- Mayor Marion Barry

September 1985

*The federal government's patience and willingness to remain the District's jailer is not endless.

-- Joseph diGenova, U.S. Attorney, December 1985

*The growth in the District's prison population in the decade 1974-1984 was 106 percent. This increase was accommodated by renovation to existing facilities and conversion of existing structures. The time for major new construction is now.

-- Sen. Arlen Specter, Chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee for the District of Columbia, January 1986

While many people realize we need another jail, most chorus, "But not next door!"

However, the minority faction of the D.C. prison commission suggested several locations. The District has more than 3,000 acres of land at Lorton, Va. . . . The existing facilities occupy only a minuscule portion of that land. The logical place to expand is at Lorton. But since when was politics logical?

-- R. Rimsky Atkinson Jr., Member of the D.C. Correctional Study Commission, January 1986