Dear Jack:

I have been giving great thought to the conversations you and I have had on the selling of adult magazines by Peoples Drug Stores. I feel you should be the first to know that we have decided to discontinue the selling of these magazines.

Peoples Drug Stores will no longer sell any "adult" or "sophisticated" magazines including Playboy and Penthouse. As you know, we have sold these magazines for many years in special racks behind our registers to avoid casual perusal by youngsters.

However, the composition of the Peoples Drug Store customer base has been evolving over the years' and current research shows it to be a much more family-oriented group with a high proportion of young shoppers. In addition, many of our own employees are in the 17-to 19-year age group. Also, we believe the social mores in the communities in which we do business have evolved from the freer-thinking 1970s to a social structure with greater respect for fundamental traditions and values.

Although we strongly defend the First Amendment rights that cover the publishing of these magazines, we nonetheless feel the magazines are available for purchase at many other retail outlets as well as by mail subscription for those who wish to purchase them.

We believe now is the time for Peoples Drug Stores to make this decision which better reflects the wishes of our customers and the communities that we serve.