From recent testimony by Frank C. Conahan of the General Accounting Office before the House subcommittee on western hemisphere affairs:

Initially, the State Department's Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office (NHAO) -- which is charged with the program's administration -- had intended to set up operations in the region, but diplomatic sensitivities of certain countries in the region prevented NHAO from doing so. Thus, NHAO is not able to exercise the financial and programmatic control beyond the U.S. borders it wants.

As of Feb. 24, 1986, NHAO had actually paid out over $12.2 million. . . . The legislation stipulates that funds be used to provide food, clothing, medicines, and other humanitarian assistance. The principal criterion used by NHAO in determining what can be provided is that it be non-lethal.

The $12.2 million has been spent on the following broad categories:

$4.7 million on food and sundries. Food receipts included other items such as clothing, matches, cigarettes and toilet articles.

$2.8 million was spent for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Clothing accounts for $2.7 million of the expenditures.

About another million dollars was spent for miscellaneous supplies and equipment, such as blankets, tools and trucks. Over $500,000 was spent expended on transportation, storage and warehousing of these items. Lastly, about $260,000 was spent on various medical expenses, including hospitalization of resistance fighters; $125,000 was spent on a (United Nicaraguan Opposition)-administered human rights program; and about $75,000 was spent for UNO administrative expenses.