What do you think of the idea of having a health clinic in your high school that could give out contraceptives?

I think it's a good idea. Maybe if they had it in the school, or close by, kids wouldn't have so far to go if they needed (birth control). Maybe they would see their friends there and not feel so ashamed.

-- Jerquetter Fashion

Cardozo High School

In most schools, talk sessions would be better. But in some schools you can tell there's a real problem -- just a lot of kids having children -- and it looks like steps must be taken. In those schools a clinic might be necessary. In other schools it would probably cause other problems.

-- Lisa Bellamy

Duke Ellington High School for the Arts

In a way I agree and disagree with it. It's good because sometimes people make appointments at a public clinic and then miss them. . . . That's if they are having sex, but I think they should really wait till they're married. So in a way it's a bad idea because it makes it convenient.

-- Charlene Martin

Cardozo High School

The best way is to just talk to kids and tell them. My health teacher tells us, "If somebody asks you to do it, just say no." I think that's better (than distributing birth control).

-- Harvey Robinson

Hine Junior High School

Clinics would lower the pregnancy rate in the high schools, because a lot of people are afraid to go to a public clinic that might phone their parents. Most teen-agers feel like they have no privacy. Besides, having a clinic can make you think about it -- like, "Do I really want to be doing this?" Most parents just say, "Don't do it, it's wrong." People need to talk to someone; they need a little counseling.

-- Tanya Chestnut

Dunbar High School