From remarks before the Senate April 15 by Sen. Mark Hatfield (R-Ore.):

How can one bask in the emotional satisfaction of revenge against (Muammar) Qaddafi's warped lust for violence while witnessing on television the agony of bleeding children in a Tripoli hospital? Sure, that is the reaction Mr. Qaddafi wishes to evoke as he parades television crews through the hospitals and clinics. But that is not the point. . . .

We missed the target. That is the point. Not in the traditional military sense of hits and misses. We missed the target because the terrorist target is profoundly ubiquitous, worldwide, infinite. We did not hit the target. We grazed the symbol. Because that is all Col. Qaddafi is -- a symbol in the form of a sick clown. Destroy Qaddafi himself, and you do not destroy terrorism. Destroy Libya, and you do not destroy terrorism. The cause he symbolizes will continue to slither like a snake in the midst of the innocent population. And no bomb is going to stop it.

Take another look at those bleeding children before you delight over the precision of the rockets, my colleagues. Tell them you are not sure the policy will work, but it sure did feel good. There will be more victims. And there will be only one difference between the status quo which existed prior to initiating this policy and the status quo which follows it. Before, only they had the blood of innocents on their hands. Now we both do. Before, we had moral authority. Now we share the vacuum of immorality.

Have we initiated a prairie fire of violence and reprisal for which there is no end in sight? Fanaticism was not bombed out of existence (that) Monday, nor will it cease to exist the next time we strike back.