"Pretoria Lets Zulus Hold Soweto Rally" June 30 was riddled with inaccuracies.

For the record: Violence did not "break out" between Inkatha supporters and the United Democratic Front. Buses carrying Inkatha supporters leaving the Soweto prayer meeting were petrol bombed in the township, resulting in three dead and scores injured when one bus ran out of control and another minibus was crushed between two other buses.

There is no record whatsoever of "at least two persons" being shot by my followers. That Inkatha was once again at the receiving end of violence there is no doubt, but let me make it clear that the tragedy was in no way instigated by Inkatha. Reporter Glenn Frankel also omitted to note a bomb attack on the stadium immediately prior to the meeting.

Mr. Frankel writes that members of Inkatha (of which there are 1.3 million) have been involved in "increasingly violent clashes" with the United Democratic Front. What he did not report was that Inkatha members have been hard-pressed defending themselves from being burned alive, hacked to death and maimed in vicious attacks on their persons and property.

In all the rhetoric about the struggle for liberation in South Africa today, what is often deftly pushed aside is the fact that it is the External Mission of the ANC and its internal surrogate, the United Democratic Front, that are committed to making this country "ungovernable" and "eliminating" political opponents.

The ANC has embarked on the so-called "armed struggle" and kills people as a matter of policy. Blacks and whites are presently being blown up at bus stops, in hamburger bars, on farm roads and in shopping malls. It is the ANC that receives arms and ammunition from the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc.


Ulundi, South Africa

The writer is chief minister of Kwazulu and president of Inkatha.