I am the unnamed paleontologist mentioned in the May 17 Close to Home who first brought up the question of deposit containers 17 years ago. The arguments used against the idea today are exactly the same as were used then. What is different is that eight states have demonstrated that required deposit is a good idea that works. It cuts down on trash, it reduces litter, and it creates new jobs. This does not cost the taxpayer or the consumer a penny, and required deposit even saves them money.

The aim of industry is to make money. It does not care about waste, it does not care about increased costs passed on to the consumer, it does not care about squandering energy. Its concern is bottom-line profit. The beverage folks can urge everyone to pick up litter and pay a pittance for their efforts, and simultaneously spend thousands to defeat a law that would take care of the problem. This is hypocrisy, but in a way it is understandable how such contorted thinking might exist.

What is unforgivable is that opponents of required deposit are now trying to turn it into a racial issue. They claim that white liberals are out to get black businessmen. This is a lie, and those who spread it are un-American.

While required deposit eventually becomes an emotional issue, not a logical one, people should stop and ask why industry is spending such huge sums to defeat this idea.