From the State Department's text of an address by Secretary George Shultz before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on May 17: So now there seems to be discussion of a possible new opening toward peace. So I am going to spend some time with you looking at it from a U.S. point of view and saying, "Let's evaluate it," and let's ask ourselves, "What is making peace all about?" Well, to me it's really simple. It's sitting down with people who want to make peace, and who are qualified and ready to negotiate. That's how you make peace. So you have to look for people who are qualified and ready, so let's ask a few questions.

Is the PLO qualified?

Audience response: No.

Secretary Shultz: Hell, no! Let's try that on for size. PLO?

Audience response: Hell, no!

Secretary Shultz: You got it! Look at what they've just done. Their alliance involves the most violent and radical elements around, and they just put it together again. They showed once again that they don't want peace; they want the destruction of Israel, so they're not qualified.

Palestinians? Certainly, they have to be part of peacemaking. There are Palestinians who know that the only answer is through a nonviolent and responsible approach to direct negotiations for peace and justice. We have to continue to find them, help them and support them.

How about the Soviet Union?

Audience response: No. No.

Secretary Shultz: Could it be a constructive presence?

Audience response: Hell, no!

Secretary Shultz: Yes. It could be. . . .