Jonathan Yardley's article "Baltimore Ballpark Boors" {Style, June 8} hit the nail on the head. In addition to the points he made, Orioles fans are rude, inhospitable and abusive to fans who attend games and dare cheer for the opposing team. My family and I were pelted with peanuts when we supported our home-town Milwaukee Brewers.

"Baltimorons" -- a perfect description of fans who reguarly ruin the singing of our national anthem. DOROTHY WEIS Gaithersburg

Jonathan Yardley's description of the new Orioles "fan" (using the word loosely) of the Yuppie persuasion provides the most compelling reason of all to have a baseball team in Washington.

Washington-area Yuppies who go to Memorial Stadium to see and be seen are a conspicuous anomaly in crab-eating, beer-drinking, blue-collar "Ballmer." One might as soon enter his "previously owned" Mercedes in a demolition derby.

Baltimore must be allowed to retain its unique, indigenous charm. If the Important People deem it fashionable to be seen at major league baseball games, why, then, at all costs -- never an object for Yuppies -- bring a major league team to Washington (a previously owned team will do)!

Yes, yes, fashions change and fads pass rapidly, particularly in Yuppie circles. Well, not to fret. The team can always find a home in Minnesota or Texas or somewhere out there beyond the Beltway. MARK J. ROCKMAN Bethesda