I happened to catch part of Fawn Hall's testimony the other day. The only thing I found more appalling than her belligerence to the committee members was some committee members' thanking her so profusely for appearing. My impression was that no one wanted to appear to be beating up on this "pretty little girl."

I thought Sen. Warren Rudman was the only one who made an attempt to reveal that, no matter how loyal Miss Hall was to her boss and no matter how naive she was about the substantive issues in which he was involved, once one begins stuffing things in one's boots and on one's person to sneak past security guards of the U.S. government, one should know something is wrong. I cheered when he pointed out to her that it wasn't the "KGB coming in the door, Ms. Hall, it was the FBI."

I wanted someone to make a bigger point of the sociopathic thinking that keeps seeping out in these hearings. Miss Hall was a perfect example of this kind of thinking -- if you don't agree with our laws, you have a right to circumvent them.

I am outraged that Miss Hall and others like her maintain a posture of being mortally offended that the Senate committee dares to ask them questions about their actions -- I mean, stuffing documents in her boots? I wish someone had said, "There comes a time, Miss Hall, when even the most dedicated employee draws a line -- even if it is at the top of one's boots." VASH KLEIN Silver Spring