It is time to bring some sense into the squabble about paving the two blocks of public right-of-way that have been on the District's street plans for many decades near the new development at 4000 Wisconsin Ave. NW. We refer to extending Upton Street one block west of Wisconsin and extending what would be 40th Street a block south of Van Ness Street to connect with Upton. If these two blocks are built, they would provide much needed relief for the severe traffic at Van Ness and Wisconsin.

Of course, one cannot blame the neighbors for using the streets issue as a device to kill the massive Donohoe/Holladay development. But now that the building is nearly finished their continuing attempts to deny access will make bad traffic conditions even worse for the residents of the Tenleytown area. Without these two access streets, all the in-and-out traffic and truck deliveries to that multipurpose structure would have to be on Wisconsin Avenue. That would be intolerable.

When the building opens, the neighbors will be much better off if the building has easy accessibility. The two blocks in question are in a commercial zone. They should be paved wide enough so traffic from Van Ness heading south on Wisconsin can use those two streets to bypass the congestion where Wisconsin and Van Ness cross.

The 40th-Street segment was originally to have been Arizona Avenue. When that road was abandoned, the Park Service began to administer the right-of-way as if it were a part of Glover-Archbold Park. HAROLD GRAY Executive Secretary National Capital Area Transportation Federation Washington