The Palestine Liberation Organization . . . hmmm, let us pause to think of all the good deeds this organization has done in the past years. Several deeds come to mind, but somehow they don't even scratch the surface of good. They seem to involve innocent people.

"Closing PLO Offices" {editorial, May 26} tried to justify keeping open both the information office in Washington and its U.N. observer post in New York. The question here is not a matter of free speech, but a matter of public safety. What rights in America should an international terrorist organization have? The right to educate both young and old Americans on how to accept the global challenge, and take the law, whose ever it may be, into your hands? Tell me in what aspect then is the PLO not guilty of conspiracy -- terrorism?

Is it so insanely unjust that the public-policy makers of this country might want to stifle or inhibit growth of such an organization? I would hope they would. What place does a terrorist organization have in the United Nations? The U.N. was set up originally to promote peace and communication for the nations of the world. Where does the PLO fit in? Not in this country.