From remarks by Sen. John Melcher (D-Mont.) in the Senate June 5:

There has been a three-year principal preoccupation of the National Security Council in dealing arms to foreign brokers, a Khomeini sting operation with elaborate Middle Eastern intrigues. This is not America's finest hour.

None should confuse the Iran-contra shameful transgressions as examples of clean government.

Free enterprise and fair trade take on a new concept. Got an arms deal? Cut me in. Deposit my loot in my Swiss bank account. When the law is stretched or fractured, shred the records.

. . . The truth is, the National Security Council has been lacerated, is as naked as a plucked chicken, eviscerated and ready for the frying pan.

What went on here? It went on right here, not somewhere else, and it is not a novel or screenplay -- it went on right here in the nation's capital.

Nothing is too bizarre.

A lieutenant colonel running the show, with a White House detached admiral as back-up, and a CIA director symbolically depicted as a dozing dog -- were these the people in charge for "we the people" to deal with a retired general and conniving arms merchants of various countries?

Was this what the people voted for?

Have the people delegated power and the public purse to mix with these shoddy deals?

. . . The dreary documentary on the Iran-contra affairs unfolds tales of sleaze and conniving at the highest level of government to use government to profiteer in a miserable plan to sell weapons to pillage a part of the world already weakened and drained.