Richard Cohen's June 5 op-ed article criticizing my comments on "Meet the Press" inaccurately suggests that I favor mandatory testing for persons applying to rent or lease an apartment.

In fact, I said: "Every hospital, every private business, every property owner, every school should have the right to test people who seek to use its facilities. Innocent people who are not AIDS carriers should have the right to be assured that their children in schools are not going to be exposed to AIDS carriers, that when they go to a hospital, they will not be exposed to AIDS, etc., . . . the role of the federal government in this is necessarily limited. I think there could and should be mandatory testing with respect to federal facilities and federal dollars. But most of these decisions have to be made at the state and local level. Where they have copped out is in yielding to pressures from the homosexual activists to shift millions of dollars in taxpayer money to homosexual activist groups as a way of dealing with the AIDS crisis."

Public policy concerning AIDS should have as its primary objective protection of the innocent. That means that families and individuals who wish to separate themselves from AIDS should have access to hospital, housing and educational facilities in which the risk of exposure to AIDS carriers is held to a minimum. It is not a proper role of the federal government to require that privately controlled and funded institutions initiate such testing, but neither should government interfere with their ability to do so.

The unstated premise of Mr. Cohen's column is that sodomy is an acceptable practice. I disagree. It is an abomination in the sight of God and a violation of the laws of man in many of our United States. The campaign for "safe sodomy" is an attempt to reduce the cost of breaking those laws. Militant homosexuals and their liberal sympathizers want others to bear the risk and pay the price for their perverted, illegal behavior. Those politicians who pander to the pro-homosexual lobby are giving themselves up to death and defeat.

Suggesting, as Mr. Cohen did, that the denial of a seat for homosexuals on the president's AIDS commission is "akin to denying Jews a place on the Holocaust commission" is a blasphemous suggestion that the immoral practice of homosexuality is analogous to adherence to Judaism. Putting a sodomite on the AIDS commission would be no less foolish than naming a Mafia chieftain to a commission designed to fight pornography, drugs and prostitution.

Mr. Cohen may think his position a "moral" one, but there is certainly no Biblical basis for that arrogant assertion. HOWARD PHILLIPS Chairman, The Conservative Caucus, Inc. Vienna